Rum Ration

Daily rum ration rules
Description:A high proof rum, of cheap quality. The rum ration is part of a pirates day to day wages.

Type: Ingested
Addiction: minor, Fort DC 5
Price: 2 sp
Effect: variable; + 1d4 alchemical bonus to Charisma and fatigued for 1d8 hours.
Damage: 1d2 Con (changes from 1d3 in official rules)

Resting for 8 hours heals 1 point of Con damage.

You take the Effects and Damage as soon as you drink the rum, then do a Fort save (DC 5) to see if you get addicted. The DC is increased +2 for every dose of the drug you are under the effect of. The drug remains in effect for as long as the ability damage remains.

If you fail the check you become addicted.

Minor Addiction Onset 1 day; Frequency 1/day Effect –2 penalty to Con; Cure 2 consecutive saves Type disease, variable; Save variable

You only suffer the effects of the Addiction when you aren’t under the effects of the drug, this means all your ability damage from the drug must be healed.

To be cured of the addiction you must make 2 consecutive saves, the saves must be made after not receiving a dose of the drug for at least 24 hours. The save is the same DC as the current drug DC, -2 for every additional day the character has abstained from the drug (minimum of 5, the base drug DC). Even if you make your save you still take the effects of the addiction, unless the effects of the drug are still present.

Rum Ration

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